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What Is An Online Sales Funnel?

The adage of not putting all of one's eggs in one basket certainly applies to the topic of sales. With a great deal of competition and a deep target audience for many to reach, sales training methods have recognized this reality. From Chicago sales training to sales and marketing training forces around the globe, the Law of Large Numbers is an important concept to understand.Creating a robust sales funnel is not about settling with your current customers, or by not playing an active role in acquiring new sales leads. Sales training is all about this concept, which can help transform your current endeavors into something much more rewarding. Follow these seven steps in order to strive after this unlimited potential growth.Step 1 - Existing CustomersChicago sales training consultants who are successful have realized that there is much potential within the current customers than meets the eye. These customers are first identified as those who buy from you regularly, or those that make you the most amount of money.Why is this important? This process allows you to identify what your target audience is truly like. Motivational sales training methods will teach you to identify what your target audience consists of; however, this may not be what is in actuality. And once these areas are identified you will be able to have a better idea of how to reach potential buyers better, if you know who they are.Step 2 - Traditional Marketing MethodsBusiness sales training lessons have proven to be effective over the years. Traditional marketing methods such as direct mail and sales calls are viable options in your marketing campaign. A creative and well-written brochure, or a sales call to a customer within your targeted market, can do wonders for reaching potential customers. Of course, don't neglect to utilize these methods in regards to your existing customers, as they are great tools for drawing back happy clients.Step 3 - Sales 2.0 Marketing MethodsSales 2.0 marketing methods have altered the landscape of sales and marketing training. Now millions of people are able to be reached, which can drastically change the prospective clients of the largest and smallest businesses.Take the time to utilize these effective, and in many cases, free methods. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other online communities offer free and time-efficient methods of reaching millions across the world. They also make great options for the next step with paid advertising.Step 4 - Paid AdvertisingAccording to your budgeting resources available, paid advertising allows you reach your targeted audience much more efficiently. Utilizing these methods requires adherence to sales and marketing training methods, which can teach you how to identify the best resources to utilize.Additionally, you will need to consider what environment to utilize in your paid advertising scheme. For instance, it may be more appropriate for a business with a strict local service, such as a photographer in a smaller city, to utilize more traditional and local forms of paid advertising. On the other hand, a business that can be targeted globally can take advantage of the 350 million users on a website such as Facebook.Step 5 - SuppliersAnother great way to use your budgeting money is through the use of suppliers that will give you sales leads. Sales management consultants will agree that suppliers can form an effective basis to your marketing scheme. Whereas sales training articles will debate the usefulness of suppliers in certain industries, if your business could benefit from a service such as this, it is worth the time and consideration.Ask as many questions as you can in order to ensure you are receiving a quality supplier. For instance, infoUK recommends questions ranging from basic ideas of what kind of information and the going rates, to a specific and useful question regarding the supplier's goneaway rate, which may not be so obvious in finding a supplier. Sales training articles and sales training consultants can help you identify quality suppliers for your business or offered services.Step 6 - Following ThroughKnowing what to do with your sales leads and interested customers is an important aspect. While capturing a potential buyer's interest and getting their contact information on some medium is one thing, motivational sales training will teach you how following through is an entirely different issue. Regardless of whether you are using sales leads or marketing, or both, you must follow through with your target.Plan how you will capture potential customers and draw their interest. If you are going to call them directly, plan out how you can achieve a quality call to lay out what you can offer or do for the customer. On the Internet, many businesses fail in following through with their traffic on their website, for instance. Paying for additional traffic to increase sales is a great way to draw in interested customers. However, a poorly written or designed website will do the business no good.Step 7 - Measure, Repeat, and AdjustBusiness sales training methods will result in both failures and successes. After you have been through the steps of creating your sales funnel you will need to identify and adjust your model of promoting your business, services, or products. Once this is done, you should see greater results in the next and subsequent steps of your attempts to grow.In order to make progress in growing your sales funnel, you will need some dedication and sales training to find success. Utilize the resources best suited to reach your targeted customers. Also, identify who your customers are, what methods are appropriate, and how you can alter plans to increase your results.You will find the Law of Large Numbers as a driving force to your success. Sales and marketing methods will teach you to find as many potential customers as you can, which is one of the most important steps. Identification and choices within your marketing plans will also be important points in developing this sales funnel. Once you have reached out to the large numbers of potential customers, you will be able to execute and grow in your business plans and goals.

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- The secret toselling anything online isn't being spiritual. It's looking spiritual. That's why the number one thingpeople want from me is this. My hair. - [Dan Usher] Crushed it. - [Sam] Crushed it, yeah. - [Man Three] Killed it! - [Dan Usher] Allright, all right. - [Sam] Let's do one more. (playful music) - I'm going into abeauty supply store to hopefully to findthe perfect matching wig to match JP Sears hair. We are shooting acommercial with him. And I'm super excited'cause this commercial is going to be hilarious. Yeah? - Oh. But you look amazing. (drum beat with Cowbell] - [Sam] It looks good? - [Dan] Actually, you shouldwear this for Halloween. Go as JP for Halloween. (whirring of airplane Engine] (elevator beeping) - All right, it is way to early. Like it's, lookingpretty ominous right now. We are heading to theDry Bar Comedy club and there's a couplelogistics happening that we're not entirely used to. 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the Holidays.”

Traditional Sales Funnels – People using a traditional funnel typically make a list of names and call them with their upline. This is called a warm market funnel. Tips for using a warm market funnel are to leverage systems. Have 1 or 2 steps people take when they say they are interested. So let’s say you call your warm list and 6 people say they would like to know more. Then you give them a CD to listen to, and send them to a website. In this example your funnel is Make a list, Call the list to see if they are interested, Send them a CD, Get them to a Website, Follow up Call, and Try to Close.

An online sales funnel is a marketing term used to describe the sales process of attracting online traffic, capturing leads, nurturing prospective customers, converting leads into sales, delivering goods and satisfying customer demands, upselling customers, and obtaining referrals from current customers.

While the online sales funnel may seem like a long and convoluted process, it is actually quite simple: the goal is to generate as many conversions (sales) from prospective customers and online traffic as possible; i.e., to gain the highest conversion rate possible. And, as its name suggests, the online sales funnel resembles a funnel, with traffic located at the outside of the funnel, sales leads positioned within the funnel’s opening, and new customers found inside of the funnel’s neck. Sales funnels typically employ such tools as landing pages, shopping carts, white papers, social media pages, newsletters and promotional emails to increase sales leads and conversions.

If there is a tool that if used properly in a Funnel will ensure that you get the most out a prospect, it is the Exit Pop Up. This tool can be extremely annoying to many prospects, but it is extremely effective. It can increase conversions in the Funnel by up to 30%. So if you are a Newbie in the Internet Marketing Niche and you do not have a properly designed Sales Funnel, then it is time that you started using one. In the very near future I will post a well performing Sales Funnel Design which you can copy and use.

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The Law of Large Numbers - 7 Steps to a Robust Sales Funnel

hello and welcome to another day of my100 days to prosperity challenge my game my name is Timeshayour girl thanks for checking me out today today we're going to be talkingabout how to click your up and how to connect your autoresponder to youractual click funnels account ok so if you have been following the process sofar we have gone through all the steps to help get your click funnels set upand have it read to your autoresponder because there was a lot of steps thatyou had to get done before then we are finally at this integration step yayit took me three days to figure it out but now I'm on it now you know so you'reon it as well so let's jump onto the laptop and let's figure this outtogether see you there well alrighty now we aregoing to set up our send lanes and click funnels integration so I am on mydashboard for click funnels right now so what you need to do is go tointegrations from your what this is from your icon your your your back-officeicon okay and I already have the sim lanes here but I'm gonna pretend like Idon't so you go to add new integration and then you're gonna find theintegration that you want to setup so I have facebook setup too and there'sother places that you can set up other things you can set up or integratebetween click funnels which is a really really cool thingShopify other things and they're sim lane right there so I just click on itand then you come up with a nickname and it could be your email address so I'mgonna put my email address here life of your dreamsokay calm and your sub-domain you'll find that at your actual autoresponderback-office so I have to go to sin lanes and then I'm gonna go to my accountsettings and and I'm gonna go to and I'm going to put all this stuff in so yoursub domain is actually what you set up so this is me and legendary marketer THolman but you don't put dots in lang comm you stop hereand that took me a day I have to figure out yeahI wasted a whole lot of time so you're gonna copy and paste and you're gonnaput that there sorry and then you're gonna go back andget your hash key your hash key and your API key are switched in some lane so I'mgonna go and I'm gonna get my hash key which is this one here and I'm gonnacopy and I'm gonna paste it and then I'm gonna go get my API key copy and pasteokay and then I just click Add integration and that is it and they saidlet me I already have integration force inlaid so I'm not going to click atintegration but if you did all of these steps correctly that it will give you asuccess message for so long I had error messages and I couldn't figure out whyand it was because I didn't do those other steps previously I didn't get acustom email address and I didn't have my domain set up and so many otherthings that I talked about previously that I needed and I did not have so nowI have it all set up now hopefully you have it all set up andnow you're ready to have your autoresponder and clickfunnels you knowtalk you know they're connected they are integrated now so you are all set up myfriend you are ready to go so that's the end of this video stay tunedand Saira fits up awesome awesome video didn't you like it I know you did and ifyou did make sure that you click the like button down at the but at thebottom and please subscribe to my channel you know I'm coming out withfresh new daily videos to help you get inspired to help you on your affiliatemarketing journey and to also help me on my affiliate marketing journey so togive us both perspective and encouragement make sure that you checkme out also if you want to find out how I'm going to fire my boss in 2019 makesure you click the link below alright and if you want to find out anythingabout clickfunnels or sin lane I also have links in the description below aswell but until next time my friend make sure that you think big dream big takeaction to own the lights of your group.

What To Look For In marketing funnel Online Funnel Builders 2019

hi and welcome to my clickfunnels reviewfor 2019 this is Mark a a lot of you know me for my radio show a lot of youknow me for my internet stuff some of you know me as a clickfunnels officialspeaking team member and today I'm gonna be reviewing clickfunnels if you're notfamiliar with it or if you are familiar with it but you want to learn more ifyou're thinking of investing this is gonna be a great video for you to watchnowclickfunnels review I should let you know as a member of the clickfunnels speaking team and as alongtime customer and user of clickfunnels this is a biased reviewthis is not an unbiased review I'm a big fan I've been a client like I said foryears I build tons of funnels it's made me a lot of money and just last year Istarted representing the company on the speaker's circuit so things you shouldknow about me before you begin but it's so if you're looking for anunbiased review this isn't it but if you want somebody who really knows the insand outs of this product and is a big fan and can walk you through every stepof the way I'm your guy keep watching clickfunnels tutorial alright so when you first get to yourdashboard this is what it looks like it's all your funnels are here they'reorganized you can make favorites whatever and if you want to start let'ssay a new funnel they make it really hard just kidding they have a buttonhere that says add new you just click add new funnel now there's two ways todo it you can do the cookbook builder process and this is where they have itlook at this a ton of different pre-made funnels live demo funnel you can get asqueeze page funnel you can do whatever you want and you just click startcookbook to browse the different funnels, clickfunnels review that are already being used therethey're all templates so you just go in there and you click around and youchange this and you change that do whatever you want but I'm gonna go I'mgonna go classic we're gonna kick it old-school and click the classic one andwe're just gonna use a simple lead capture page we're gonna make we'regonna collect some emails and that way, what is clickfunnels what we're gonna do is we're gonna callthis what should we do why don't we what are we gonna capture you let's just doemail capture demo so that we know what it's about and now watch what happensthe funnel is being built and when it pops up it's gonna ask you whichtemplate you would like to use and the templates first of all there's so manyof them and they're so gorgeous look at these these are all professionallydesigned these are all professionally designed email templates theirs look atall these these are really these are really these are really attractivepeople look at this dude he's good-looking she's good-looking they'reall they use you don't have to be this attractive to capture leads I'm justsaying so let's take a look at one so let's preview this one this one forexample is mother final secrets here, how to build a landing page this could be a picture of you how togenerate 195 thousand visitors a month without ads that's great click here lookwhat happens boom you get you you could take this funnel right here and youcould in fact why don't we do this well it look questions why don't we doI'm gonna use this one I'm gonna use, clickfunnels review this one so this is the one I want touse and again there's so many look at all these different ones that are downhere supercharge your business free video if you want to do a video businessbottom line just opt-in look at this one, clickfunnels review this is a great one too this one looksimple but look the best things off and are just opt-in what if you just had afree in fact maybe we'll use this one I want to I've never use this one beforeso I'm gonna use this one here we go let's hit select template now it'sbuilding our opt-in page and what we can do is we have this is this will give youa simple overview but basically what happens is now we have two pages overhere the funnel steps there's the opt-in andthe thank you clickfunnels review opt-in and thank you it's a two-stepfunnel two steps if you hit edit page you can come in here and you can editthe page there's a few elements on this page there's of course the logothere's the just opt-in there's this little line here that says select fromover 200 templates and then here's the email address here's what we have wehave this photo in the background we have this dark kind of overlay to makeit look kinda nice and I'm gonna leave clickfunnels review that but what I'm gonna do here is I'mgoing to take out the logo and all you have to do to this is very simple watchthat's ready click on the logo click on the photohere's your photo library you can make it you can pick any one of these photosthat you want for your logo I'm gonna use let's say I'm gonna use theclickfunnels logo why don't we do that add the image and boom all of a suddenwell that doesn't work because it doesn't have a background so I don't sohere's another thing we don't like it we, clickfunnels review trash it wait hold on we're just gonnachange it out so we're gonna go here and let's say I don't want to use a logo infact yeah let's cancel that let's say I don't evenwant to use a logo so we'll just go here and you hit the trashcan okayit's gone so now what we're gonna do is let's say we are collecting leads forukulele players this is great let's say we're giving people you let's sayukulele and we have to make this a, what is clickfunnels little smaller because it's a little bigwhich is easy to do you just go here and you can slide the font size and we'll dolet's make it a hundred and fifteen okay that's good and then look we're gonnamake this players, clickfunnels tutorial okay and we're gonna make and then whatwe're gonna do is we're gonna highlight this as well go here to the settings andyou can just slide it again and we're gonna make this 115 ukulele players andthen what I want to do is I want to write unite alright so what I'm gonna dois instead of just to make it kind of similar I can just go here and watchI can I can highlight it and hit, how to build a landing page duplicate or clone and then I it clonesthe ukulele word and what I do then is I just move it around I grab watch howeasy this is drag it under players boom and then I can write unite and sincethis is gonna be a little bit bigger I can make this a little bit bigger I'mgonna make it 1:30 see what that's like now I'm gonna make it 200 I'm gonna makeit 175 I'm gonna make it 150 I'm gonna, clickfunnels review make it 165 sold at 165 ukulele playersunite so if you're a ukulele player and you come to this page then you're gonnabut we are gonna be interested all of a, clickfunnels review sudden and then you're gonna be likeenter your email address for a chance to win a free ukulele ok and maybe we wantto make this bold maybe we want to make this bigger we click on settings againand watch we can make it a little bit bigger free ukulele we can change thecolor the bold color we can make it yellow so it really stands out if wewant it to be now watch this we can also make it closer if we want to make itcloser we just take away the top margin boom now it's kind of more compact enteryour email address here and then all they have to do is enter their emailaddress now instead of get started we, clickfunnels review can change this button to yes I want afree ukulele okay and if we want to change the color of that we can changeit to this bright red and the page is saved and now watch what happens whenyou preview ukulele players unite enter your email address for a chance to win afree ukulele and then they put their, clickfunnels review email address in here they click thereboom submit it and it takes them to the Thank You page now we haven't set up twoThank You page yet but that's basically how we how easy was that it literallytook us not even two minutes to create a page now since we've saved this we cango back here to our main page and we can go here to the Thank You Now if we go tothe Thank You Paige and it's going to show us allthese templates for Thank You pages and we can I mean we can pick whatever onewe want you can have a video thank you, clickfunnels review you can have and you know anyone just abasic thank you again with a photo of you you could have look this one's verysimilar this one's very similar to what we did so let's just select thistemplate and we will we will edit this, clickfunnels review page all right and now what's gonna hangthen we're gonna so everyone changes to woohoowe will oops we click here we will email you if you win and let's make this alittle smaller again so we can drag it down like this we will email you if youwin and then right here will say you may re-enter every week okayjust cuz you know whatever they really want that ukelele and then well youcould we don't have anything else for them to do now you could after you'vecollected their email use this to sell, clickfunnels review them a product or show them a video orget them to join your Facebook group or anything like that in fact well here'shere's some links here if you click here you can link these to your Facebook pageyour Twitter your Twitter your whatever, how to build a landing page you want to do what a lot of peopleoften will do is they'll offer some kind of let's say you have like a ukeleleproduct or an affiliate product let's say you're an affiliate in sales forlook here's let's say I want to sell you this ukelele what I could do here is Ican put a picture of me with his ukulele and say hey check out my favoriteukulele and it takes you to an Amazon, clickfunnels tutorial link you can do that you can do thatvery easily and then whenever someone's entered towin the freely ukulele they come to this Thank You page and you offer themsomething to buy but you know you can work you can do so many different thingswith this I'm gonna save this quickly and then what's gonna happen is when wego back here to the main page you can click one button watch this it's gonnatake you to the page here it is oh, clickfunnels review that's a Thank You page hold on we wantto go back to the opt-in page and you can see how it's so simple in about 10minutes we were able to make a quick opt-in we were able to make a quickThank You page and now it's all up and running it's working so if somebodycomes here and they type in their email clickfunnels review address yes I want a freeukelele then it comes here to the Thank You page you've captured their emailaddress you can now email them you can send them offers you can send them yourukulele songbook whatever it is you want them to buy and it's just it's just thateasy it took us not even not even 10 minutes of all the programs that I'veever used this one not only the easiest not only the best designers but it's gotthe best community and the most success, clickfunnels review story so here's what I've done I'veoffered I I've gotten a free trial link that I've put in the description of thisvideo so if you want to try clickfunnels for free for 14 days you won't becharged for 14 days you can go in you, clickfunnels review can have access to all of those things Ijust showed you you can play around you can build your own funnels you can doyour own webinar funnels you can try adding logos and this and that and andwhatever you want to do you can join the, clickfunnels review Facebook group too but click on the linkin the description of this video you will get a 14-day free trial courtesy ofmoi and of course click funnels and if you have any other questions message meto it smart K that's my review for click funnels for 2019 basically my review isUni click funnels if you have a business online you need click funnels I'll talkto you guys soon, clickfunnels review. hey what's up guys it's Natalie herewelcome to my channel and as you can probably see this is a very brand newchannel so stick around and feel free to subscribe below because I plan to post aton of really good value every week so with that being said today we are goingto do an unboxing of the clickfunnels black box and I know it's a white boxbut I'm sure there's a black box somewhere inside so if you want to seewhat's inside stay tuned and keep on watching alright guys so the first thing you seeon the box is STOP yeah stop what you're doing and watch this video so itjust says to text the word like on on some number but I mean I'm not gonna do thatand here is the black box yeah you bought the black box right so theypromised you a black box you've got a black box go figureso it says funnel hacker black box and it's a really heavy box actually becausethere are a lot of books inside so the first thing you see is this sheet ofstickers and there was actually a small sticker up here but I got a bit tooexcited so I stuck it right on my phone right away once I got it I plan to putthis on my laptop so that's that and then you get a thank you card from RussellBrunson so it says thank you and a little note from him and probably someinstructions to like join his community so that's cool and then you get a funnelhacker black book Quick Start Guide so I'm sure this is a manual yep it's amanual so you get steps 1 2 3 4 5 like as you can see read the dotcom secrets bookand expert secrets book I mean Duh you bought the books so join the community blahblah blah so on and so forth so it's a manual just to go through the box and Guys! you don't understand this book right Ilistened to the audio version of this book like about two weeks ago you you needthis book in your life if you have a business or an online business any type ofbusiness you just you need this book it is necessary in your business there'sjust I mean you you think it's just like a motivational book no it's not I meanyeah there are motivational stuff in here but there's so much I just bit my tongue there'sso much valuable practical advice inside of this book and I'm sure that my lifeis gonna change like over the next year because I haven't even startedimplementing all the strategies in here but there is there are so many reallycool strategies inside the book and then we got the clickfunnelsbooklet so we got a couple of booklets in here so here's the Clickfunnelsbooklet so Russell Brunson has got an online software called Clickfunnels andit's a really powerful software to basically generate leads and just makereally good upsell sales so here is the guide for the software Hello baby Hello Say hi Hi aww you woke up and then here is the actionetics which is an emailing softwareinside of clickfunnels so i'm sure these are tips and tricks and strategies onemailing your crowd and then we got the fillyour funnel secrets and I think this is to help you create funnels on your ownall different types of funnels we'll check it out later and and then you getthe secret sketches so I'm pretty sure there are a lot of yeah there are somany drawings and sketchings sketches on here of Russell Brunson because helikes to learn by by drawing and i mean we're all pretty much visual peopleright so this is gonna be very valuable in like teaching and learning and lastbut not the least the dotcom secrets book we're done the dotcom secrets book thisis a really cool book as well I'm in the middle of listening to the audio versionof this and it's really cool it's really valuable see you got a note by TonyRobbins here as well so how I got this book was II saw an ad online I think it was from one of his affiliate guys and theyposted this book the dotcom secrets book and I was interested so I clickedon it and then I went through the whole video of Russell Brunson and he totallysold me on it and because of his social proof of like Tony Robbins and all thesebig people I was like wow that book is a gem like I need to get it so I clickedon it I intended to buy it if you get the book alone either one of this likeof these dotcom secrets or expert secrets you'd be getting it for free andall you'd have to do is pay shipping but I got the upsell which is this box which are both the books and a couple of really cool stuff as wellso I highly recommend you get both the books they're so valuable you guys likeyou don't you don't even understand this they're so valuable you need this bookin your life so dotcom secrets and expert secrets if you want to know whereI got it click the link below and thank you guys so much for watching if you like this video hit the like button below and leave a comment down below ifyou want me to create any other type of video about marketing affiliatemarketing self-development personal development or anything else I would behappy to create them stay tuned for my next video where I'm going to review thetwo books expert secrets book and dotcom secrets book so thanks for watching andI'll see you on the next video.

The Sales Funnel

An effective sales funnel system helps you guide qualified prospects through the sales process so that they buy from you and remain loyal customers. Sales funnels help a business identify how they will get hold of their audience's attention, overcome objections, improve engagement and make more sales.1. Get AttentionThis is where you first make your target audience aware about your business as your audience probably don't know about you at all. This can be accomplished by positioning advertisements where your target market will see them, publishing press releases, writing keyword-rich blog posts or holding free webinars. The objective is to encourage your prospects to sign up for your email list or follow you on social media because they are interested in what you have to say.6. Purchase StageThis is the where your prospect makes an actual purchase. But your job is not over. The sales funnel starts again. You need to move your customer onto your other products and into a new sales funnel. If they have purchased from you once, they are much more likely to purchase from you again because they believe in you and trust you to provide what they need to solve their problems.